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You May Be A Xenos Person

If you are asocial and you obsess about “inappropriate” things, you may be a Xenos. Some of these people get diagnosed with “high-functioning” autism or ADHD or get labeled by slightly kinder clinicians as neurodivergent, but there are more enabling ways of looking at your differences from most others and giving the uniqueness a short, unique name.

If you feel like a perpetual alien or stranger and other people concur with that, odds are that you are a Xenos.

Xenos are often called little professors, but deep explorers and observers may be more accurate. This often manifests in verbose dissertations and monographs as opposed to terse or monosyllabic comments. We don't do comments, but we will write at length, as in the explorer artifacts below.

At its deepest place, the concept of Xenos is seeing one's attributes as strengths upon which to capitalize for TheBenefitOfEveryone and YourOwnFunAndProfit. It should never be portrayed as a disability of itself or as an excuse to be exempted from engaging with life - you can use psychological terms like “autism” to belittle yourself if you wish, but Xenos avoid seeing and portraying themselves as wholly incapable.

Explore Notable Xenos throughout time and space.

If you are a Xenos and would like to share your explorations here, email jason at quix dot us with your bio and initial contribution. Are you scared??

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